Monday, 11 July 2016

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Le Teint Foundation & Blur Primer Review

 A few months ago I found myself, once again, spending all my money in the Brighton Boots store - it’s a trap I tell you. It is giant in size in comparison to any other Boots stores near me and this is always reflected in the products they stock, it just so happened that on the day I visited they had installed their brand new NYX department (I made a few purchases which, I am sure, will be featured in a blog post soon). However, this was not my main reason for venturing in that day, I desperately wanted to find a new foundation! I have tried soooooo many and my quest for the perfect base is, as far as I’m concerned, still running. 

 Today I am going to be reviewing the YSL Touche Eclat Foundation and matching Touche Eclat Primer. I was wandering around the high end counters in the hope that I would perhaps find a high end product which catered for my needs. I am the most indecisive person alive and after about 20 minutes of endless swatches and gaping at the beautifully designed glass bottles I could tell my boyfriend was beginning to become quite impatient so I eventually gathered the advice of the nearest worker I could find who just so happened to work for YSL which obviously guided my  purchase. I prefer to spend more money on my foundation purely because I have struggled to find a more affordable foundation which has not broken me out in spots after wearing it- I have a theory that more money = more quality ingredients within the formula of the foundation which should hopefully not upset my pores quite so much. Obviously any foundation is not exactly going to be good for your skin but I want to cause the smallest amount of damage to my skin as possible.

Anyway, moving on to this foundation and primer. 

Described by YSL as an “awakening foundation” providing “weightless radiance” and “flawless coverage”, three statements I ultimately cannot deny and whats more the dewy formula is encompassed in THE most stunning packaging. YSL did goooood with this one. After purchasing this I did do a little research into it and it turns out the product I have is a result of a recent reformulation, I can’t speak for what this product was like before but I know that now it is an amazing product. 

 The first time I used this, I have to say I was rather disappointed. I found that using a damp beauty blender just left me with a patchy mess of a face! However I soon realised it was simply the combination of my moisturiser and the foundation causing the product to bundle. In actual fact, if you can create the perfect base of moisturiser (the primer that works in unison with this foundation will also contribute to creating a smooth canvas) you can create the most natural looking finish. 

 This foundation is very lightweight and it is also incredibly dewy, which can look amazing but I will admit that on some days this foundation really isn’t the right one. If you do need to build this foundation it is possible if you use a more densely packed brush for example the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, but in all honesty this really is a thin foundation for a reason in that it truly looks at its best with just one thin layer. It is a your skin but better type thing. 

Another element to this foundation which I love is the scent! It smells rather sweet perhaps even fruity, it is not overwhelming at all but it is just a lovely subtle undertone which just makes the application process that extra bit more appealing. Additionally this foundation contains SPF 22, it is perfect for the summer months!

This foundation does last all day on my skin whilst I am at college, I do find myself powdering my chin and T Zone at certain points of the day but that is just due to my skin becoming oily there naturally, I find I have to do this with any products I use.

 Apart from initially struggling to come to grips with applying this foundation I am pleased with it. I do feel as though there are a few things I would change, mostly the colour of my particular bottle. The lady did colour match the foundations on my chin but I guess it must come down to the slightly ‘off’ lighting in Boots that she chose a shade about 2 shades too dark! I am hoping that now summer is here and I have the chance to tan my face a bit more it will eventually be an okay match but it is a real shame because I love the finish of this. 

I probably will repurchase this when it runs out, I just hope to get it in the right shade next time just so it looks even better!

Okay, who cares about this review, just take a moment to look at how beautiful it is. This is worth every single penny I spent, it honestly provides a noticeable difference. 

So, not only is the packaging amazing, this product genuinely works wonders. It is smoothing, calms my redness and on top of that actually enhances your skins natural radiance. Most primers just mattify my face and make it look flat but this truly “illuminates” exactly as YSL states it does. It maximises your skin’s “inner light” and blurs out pores, for some people, this is probably enough, no foundation necessary. 
 On the first use I could feel it on my skin and it did feel greasy but I have learnt that you really do need the tiniest amount of this because it just melts and blends beautifully into the skin. As far as I am aware this has not led to me having any breakouts or oiliness issues! 

I hope this review has been helpful, let me know in the comments if you yourself have used these products and how you feel about them! 


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