Monday, 15 June 2015

Garnier Ultimate Blends New Range

So recently I was contacted by Garnier to review some new products for them! They had seen my blog post about my love for the Ultimate Blends range which I posted last year and wondered if  I would be interested in testing their new range to be added to the collection. Naturally I jumped at the chance and I couldn't believe the results these products gave, they were almost better than the originals I had come to love!  As far as I am aware these are yet to hit the shops and I am unsure when they will, but I am sure it will be in the not so distant future!

These products are 'blended' with a scent of honey, almost making it smell good enough to eat. It leaves behind the most heavenly smell in your hair that lasts at least 2 days! 

As you can see the box I received (Left) contained the full range. The shampoo, conditioner, harm mask and the hair oil.

This image shows the shampoo and conditioner. Hats off to Garnier for again producing the most adorable packaging! I love the gold honey bee detail! 

 I love the shampoo, it cleanses thoroughly whilst lightly conditioning the roots of your hair. The conditioner was okay, I wasn't as "wow"ed by this product as I was by the rest. It wasn't the best conditioner I have tried but it certainly wasn't the worst either! It did condition but I didn't feel that it did much in terms of deeply condition or control my relatively frizzy, dry hair.

 Now this mask is honestly the best thing I have ever discovered for my hair. It has a smooth, reasonably thick texture, but a little goes a long way... You can truly feel and see the difference after using this. I could brush through my hair after using this and not have to go through the usual panic about it becoming frizzy. Its tames your hair and makes it so much easier to control whilst making is soft as silk, heavenly smelling and feeling stronger to the touch.

I also can only sing songs of praise for this hair oil. I have never really been one for hair oil before, I found that all the oils I had tried were overpriced for what they achieved and often left my hair feeling sticky- making it have the opposite effect to what it was supposed to have! 

 After I have used this i genuinely feel the difference and know that this is the reason my hair has been so soft at the moment. I especially love using this before straightening or curling or just generally using heat on my hair as this just adds so much shine to my hair and enhances the whole look. I also feel that this adds protection to my hair (particularly the damaged ends!) and makes me feel less cautious of damaging it further when brushing or using heat on it.

I would never write a post about something I don't believe in and I would buy this product again! I made sure to use all of these products put to ensure the results were not just temporary and I can assure you they were not just quick fixes, these will not let you down in the long run (as I know I become resistant to some hair products over time!) The second this hair mask and oil hits the shops I will be stocking up for sure! I strongly suggest you do the same as I know that you won't be disappointed... 

Charlotte xxx

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